Working with a Workers’ Comp Attorney to Handle the Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use

After sustaining a workplace injury, you need to notify your employer about the accident as soon as possible. The workers’ compensation insurance of your employer will pay for your injuries. Once the insurance provider knows about your injuries, they will assign an adjuster to your case. The adjuster will do everything to reduce your claim or even deny it. This is why you need a workers’ comp attorney from Injured Workers Law Firm to assist you at each step of the process and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. Your attorney knows the tactics that insurance adjusters employ to delay or devalue your claim. 

Various Kinds of Claim Settlements

A settlement is a voluntary agreement you and the insurance company make. In Virginian, no one can force you to take a claim settlement or pay a settlement. But if you and the other party agree, this settlement can be made in different ways including a lump sum and installments. Each kind of settlement comes with pros and cons. 

For instance, getting a lump sum for your full settlement amount may seem satisfactory. However, you won’t be able to pursue more compensation if your injuries get worse later. Once you take a settlement, you waive your rights to additional compensation. Thankfully, your lawyer can help you determine the best settlement option for you. Meanwhile, when you choose to get your settlements on an installment basis, you get checks every week, the amount of which depends on your average weekly wages before the accident. 

How Much Time It Takes to Settle Your Claim?

Workers’ compensation cases are unique, so the amount it takes for your case to get settled can depend on some factors. Generally, workers’ compensation cases in Virginia take more than one year to wind through litigation. But you can speed up the process when you hire an attorney to help you. 

Common Tactics Insurance Adjusters Employ

Usually, insurance adjusters use tactics to throw claimants off guard and ensure the insurance company reaches its goals. One of these tactics is to have you followed by an investigator. The private investigator will want to capture photos or video footage that shows you doing something you shouldn’t do given your injuries. When this happens, the adjuster may threaten you to raise fraud allegations. But your attorney can use the law to determine the evidence’s accuracy. Other tactics they use include offering a lowball settlement offer, delaying your benefit check, and getting you to provide them with a recorded statement or sign a quick settlement. 

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