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What to Eat to Lose Belly Fat

While cereals aren’t necessarily bad for you, most of us double the serving size, which means we’re eating twice as much as the box suggests. You can reduce your serving size by measuring the cereal by weight instead of scooping it out with a fork. Avoid sugary cereals, and choose nut milk instead of dairy products. Also, avoid processed grains and refined sugar, as they’re not good for weight loss or recovery. Instead, focus on fruits and vegetables with lower calories.

Eating real foods is one of the best ways to burn your belly fat. They’re easy on the stomach and are loaded with nutrients that can help your body burn fat. Real foods are what our ancestors ate and were able to thrive without chemicals. By eating the right kinds of food and drinking plenty of water, you can help burn belly fat. So, what should you eat? The following foods will help you burn fat.

Apples: Apples are packed with fibre and healthy flavonoids. Pectin fibres help you feel full longer, while their low sugar content is also beneficial for your metabolism. This means you can lose belly fat without sacrificing any of the other nutrients you need for optimal health. For example, the best apple for weight loss is the Granny Smith, which contains ursolic acid and is known to help trim excess fat.


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