How Many Functions Are Lost During Circumcision?

Circumcision removes one of the important sensory components of the foreskin–coiled fine-touch receptors known as Meissner’s corpuscles. Also lost are the dorsal nerve branches and around 10,000 to 20,000 specialized nerve endings of several types. It is shown that the foreskin is highly sensitive to the uncircumcised glans mucosa. It means genital sensitivity is lost after circumcision. To know more about circumcision, visit Lazare Urology.

How many functions are lost during circumcision?

The foreskin contains more nerve endings than the sensitive tip or glans of the penis, and removing it decreases sensitivity to touch. The studies show that medical male circumcision does not adversely affect satisfaction, sexual sensation, sensitivity, or sexual function celebrow

Several functions are removed during circumcision mentioned below thetalka.

  • Ridged band or Frenar band

It is a group of soft bulges around the junction of the inner and outermost foreskin. This region is the central erogenous zone of the male body. Eliminating this delicate belt of sexually responsive and densely innervated tissues reduces the intensity and fullness voxbliss.

  • Mechanical gliding action

The gliding function of the foreskin is an emblem feature of the natural, normal intact penis. The non-abrasive glide of the penis inside and out leads to facilitate smooth, pleasurable, and comfortable for both partners. Without the gliding, the aureole of the circumcised penis can work as a one-way valve, producing artificial lubricants necessary for better intercourse.  

  • Frenulum

Frenulum is the highly erogenous V-shape structure in the glans underside that tethers the foreskin. When circumcision is performed, it is generally amputated with the foreskin, which destroys its sexual and physiological functions.  

  • Dartos fascia

Circumcision eliminates nearly half of this temperature-sensitive muscle sheath lying between the outer layer of the skin and the corpus cavernosa.

  • Immunological system

The soft mucosa has its own immunological defense system that produces plasma cells. It secretes immunoglobulin antibodies as well as antiviral and antibacterial proteins that include the pathogen-killing lysozyme.

  • Lymphatic vessels

The loss of this vessel due to circumcision lowers the lymph flow out in the part of the body’s immune system.

  • Estrogen receptors

Recently it has been discovered the presence of estrogen receptors in the foreskin. The reason has not yet been understood and requires further makeeover.

  • Apocrine glands

The glands of the inner foreskin make pheromones which is a nature’s silent, invisible, and powerful behavioral signs to potential sexual partners. Their absence effects on human sexuality have not been studied yet.

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