HealthTap Primary Care Services Review

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care provider that offers quality, affordable healthcare at an accessible price point. For just $15 per month, customers gain access to a long-term primary care Online doctor who will oversee all their ongoing healthcare requirements.

The platform provides live consultations with US board-certified doctors through either a mobile app or computer. It also has an extensive library of questions answered by actual physicians, as well as an AI-powered symptom checker that directs patients towards the appropriate next step in care.

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HealthTap now provides members with access to a doctor through its Primary care services, in addition to its virtual Urgent care option. These can be accessed on either mobile or desktop devices and feature both text-based and video consultations lifestylefun.

HealthTap’s AI-powered symptom checker can help users determine if they require medical assistance. If so, the tool provides an explanation of the symptoms and potential causes, then directs them towards appropriate next steps for care.

The company’s doctors are all board-certified and have undergone an exhaustive credentialing process. Furthermore, they must be located in the U.S., hold a valid medical license, and be readily available for appointments at all times.


HealthTap provides various plans that can be utilized to schedule appointments. Some are free, while others cost as little as $30 each partyguise.

Patients can book an appointment with their desired doctor through a mobile app or website, and they also have the option to request prescriptions from them.

HealthTap allows users to get answers to their medical questions from a library of doctor answers. The service is accessible 24/7, with doctors answering inquiries on various topics including mental health issues.

HealthTap Prime is a subscription plan that grants members access to primary and urgent care appointments at no cost for $39 each, plus texting with any doctor of their choice at any time for just $49. Plus, they have access to millions of doctor answers in our free Q&A library – perfect for when an urgent care situation arises!


HealthTap Primary care services give members access to a network of physicians who can prescribe medications and order lab tests. These additional services are not typically included on other telehealth platforms, making them attractive options for some consumers.

HealthTap doctors offer more than prescriptions; they can diagnose and suggest treatments for common health conditions like headaches or allergies. Furthermore, they provide advice on mental health concerns as well as online therapy.

The company strives to meet people’s healthcare needs by offering free medical information through its Q&A library, instant access to peer-reviewed individualized health data, and AI that triages symptoms and offers guidance.

Users have access to doctors from all over the country through this platform. They can choose from a range of specialties, such as mental and behavioral health, sexual health, travel medicine, chronic care management, senior health issues and prevention.


HealthTap is a subscription service that gives people access to healthcare professionals. It offers both a free basic plan without payment requirements and also a prime plan at $15 per month (billed three months at once) for $45.

The company claims its primary care services can help patients avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency room and save them money on their insurance copay. Furthermore, it claims people can save up to 75% on prescription medications.

The service’s doctors are qualified to treat a range of conditions, such as allergies, infections and headaches. They may also prescribe medication and refer you to other specialists when necessary.

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