Crucial Questions to Ask before Hiring a Painter

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and is experiencing growth in its population as research suggests that in 2020 the city experienced an increase of 1.6% in its population as compared to the previous year. This growth has led to more people living in Dublin metropolitan areas. Furthermore, people living in different areas of this city prefer renovating their homes in a modern way. So to get this done, the demand for painters Dublin has increased in the last few years. But the challenge is there are several painters to choose from when people plan to renovate their houses, so an individual needs to make an informed decision. Hence, while hiring a painter in this city, you should ask the following question to filter out and choose the right painter for your project.

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1. What are the preparations before starting the work?

Whether you want to get your interior or exterior painted, you need to ask the painter what preparation work they will do. The most vital step in painting is preparing correctly before starting the work. Preparation work is divided into two sections:-

  • Protective measures are taken: Before beginning, a painter should cover any completed surfaces to safeguard your house. This covers millwork, window coverings, flooring, and decorative hardware.
  • Examine the Procedures to get the surface ready for painting: The experts should examine every surface that will be painted and let you know if any replacements or repairs are required. In order to improve paint adherence for exterior applications, painters can wash surfaces to get rid of dust and debris, sand, repair, seal, and prime trouble spots.

2. Who will be working on this project?

This question has led to all the following sub-questions:

How many people will work on this project?

Knowing this lets you get a fair idea of how soon the work can be completed.

Will there be in-house employees or third-party painters?

Before choosing the painter, it is crucial to know whether you are comfortable with the choice they offer. Subcontractors are frequently paid a flat rate, and the contractor is exempt from paying employee benefits and social security taxes. However, you can be in danger if you use a contractor that works with subcontractors. So go for a painter who has in-house employees at work.

3. Are you licensed?

Licensed painters in Dublin have high demand compared to non-licensed ones as every individual wants to hire a trustworthy painter. An insured painter will take full accountability for their work and will most likely provide you with high-quality work.

4. What kind of material do you use?

The appearance and durability of your project will depend on the materials’ quality. Coatings like paints and stains come in a wide range of quality. If you have budget constraints, you should ask for their advice on the best material within the budget.

Always remember that an authentic service provider will provide their customers with multiple payment options like paint now, pay later plans, great deals and discounts on several exclusive paint services and many more.


Individuals planning to renovate their homes or move into a new house must make smart decisions about choosing the painters, what material to use, and how much to spend. Please choose an agency with a great customer support team and five stars reviews from their clients. So to hire the right professional, you should ask the above-given questions before signing any contract.

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