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Best Place to Put Mirror in Bedroom – Feng Shui Tips

The best place to put a mirror in the bedroom varies according to the style of the room, but some rules are universal. If you’re concerned about glare and disturbance, you can choose to hang a mirror rather than a stand-up one. Similarly, avoid placing it directly above the bed. Instead, place it next to the window or beside it. But beware of placements that will cause a disturbance in the energy flow.

The best place to hang a mirror in the bedroom depends on its function. A mirror should not face the bed or the toilet. It should also not face a blank wall, since this will impede the flow of energy. A mirror placed directly on the wall of the bedroom should be covered for a few nights, as it might cause trouble while you’re trying to sleep. You should also consider how much light a mirror will bring to the room. If you don’t need to see the reflection, you can place it on the wall opposite the bed or above the dressing stylishster.

The best place to place a mirror in the bedroom is not a wall facing the window. The reflection of light from a mirror isn’t good for your sleep, so if you’re a person who likes to sleep in a dark room, placing the mirror facing the closet door might be a better option. The closet door allows you to close the door when you’re not in the bedroom.

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