A Comprehensive Guide To Neo4j Pricing

The famous cloud-based database software Neo4j is used in many products like data science libraries, graph databases, cipher query language, integrations, connectors, and many developer tools. It is different from other database platforms as it links data as soon as it is stored, resulting in quicker queries. But many people new to the software are confused about its pricing, since it uses a fluid pricing model, which fluctuates.

There are two main elements of Neo4j pricing, the price of implementing the software in the organization and the price of the annual software subscription. Like all rich enterprise software, Neo4j subscription prices vary on various aspects, but there are many transparent criteria sets that actually drive its pricing. These criteria are put up in some questions and what you will need in the future.

  • Which Neo4j version do you need?
  • Are you a Startup or an Educator?
  • Is it required on-premise or in the cloud?
  • What are your performance and scalability needs?
  • What support packages do you need?
  • Would you like to have a multi-year agreement?

Determining The Neo4j Price Structure

You’ll need to make payment for the provisioned database capacity in all the available plans for the platform. There aren’t any additional computing charges, network, I/O, and backups. As you get an hourly metering model, calculating costs is very straightforward.

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Like all enterprise software, the Neo4j subscription pricing depends on various contexts. Still, there are many transparent criteria to drive Neo4j price, looking at questions about what you need now and what you’ll need for the future:

Which Neo4j Version You’re Rooting For?

  • Do you have a Startup, or are you an Educator?
  • Do you wish to have it on-premise or on the cloud?
  • What data size do you have?
  • What performance and scalability are you aiming for?
  • Are you looking for a multi-year deal?
  • How many users do you have?
  • What support packages do you want?

After answering these, you’ll be able to make better decisions on the appropriate pricing structure.

How Costly Is Neo4j?

Like all software in the market, it is based on your needs. In some instances, the pricing can be free, or else it can be on SaaS-based pay in the low hundreds. Or, for a Fortune 500 with massive data, huge projects, or significant scalability, it can also reach thousands of dollars.

Is There A Free Neo4j?

Neo4j offers 30-day trial versions of enterprise software. With it, you get an open-source version known as Community Edition (CE). It is well suited to learning and only small projects that don’t need much availability, scale, support, or services.

Neo4j desktop can be downloaded for free and offers a free Enterprise Edition (EE) Developer license with the stipulation that it will only be used on a single machine. The EE is stacked with JVD v11 Java (and 8) and has the latest Bloom version browser.

Different Neo4j Plans

The platform’s pricing depends on the plans: cloud-based free, self-hosted, and AuraDB Enterprise. All these serve varying purposes and are available with many Neo4j pricing structures according to the features they offer. The free-to-use version has many limitations as it is only meant for personal usage and small projects that don’t need much availability scaling and support. The following information throws some light on the features you get with each plan:


The free version is ideal for developing small-scale projects, experimentation, prototyping, and learning. It also boasts a single full database with size limits (50k nodes and 175k relationships), a standard procedure library, and a multi-tenant infrastructure.


You can also install and access Neo4j software from a server in the private cloud or other public cloud infrastructure where the computing services are operated and managed by third-party providers and shared among various users. Two plans are offered under this choice: enterprise edition and community edition.

AuraDB Enterprise

You must select this plan for large-scale applications needing 24/7 advanced security measures and customer support. Besides all the available AuraDB professional features, it includes 25 GB of memory per database, 99.95% guaranteed uptime SLA, granular security access control, hourly basis backups with 90 day retention rates, sales contracts, and custom prices.


All the above facts are necessary to properly understand the structure of Neo4 pricing. You can look for consulting services to get more details on the pricing and the value you get. A good consulting service will be transparent with pricing and testimonials, and with various other resources. The consulting service part of implementation has documentation requirements that spread across the architecture/design, stakeholders, graph AppDev, content delivery, knowledge and supporting graphs, ML/data science, etc.

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